Boobies GIF Gallery 1

16/07/2018 - All, Amateur, Big Tits, Cute, Gamer, GIF, Teen
Boobies GIF Gallery 1

I covered up with my hoodie for the walk from my apt, past the concierge out to where my guy was parked. I was nervous and a little embarrassed by my slutty behavior, but fuck, I was so horny I didn’t care. I needed some male attention. As I approached the car, I spread that jacket wide open.

He was on the passenger side, and said “Hey, what’s up,” rolling his window down. I smiled brightly and replied, “Hey, how are you?” resting my forearms on the door ledge. I held my shoulders back, putting my chest directly in his eyeline. High AF, his droopy eyes widened as he zeroed in on my tits.

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