Hot Cosplay 1

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Hot Cosplay 1

Hot Cosplay Gallery + Sex Story

This has been continuing for around 5 years, me fucking different cosplayers. I’ve cosplayed Halo and Overwatch.

The latest time was at a semi-huge, however for the most part in my general vicinity, Comic-Con type convention. There was a cosplay rivalry, with a prize of a few hundred dollars, and a trophy. I entered as Tracer from Overwatch. I had a cord (like the various contenders) that demonstrated that I would contend later on. While strolling around the tradition, I found a quite decent guy.

I chose to hook up with this person, who was cosplaying Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, his name was Connor. His cosplay was stunning, and everything appeared as though it was pulled straight from the game. I inquired as to whether he needed to get a nibble before the opposition, and simply talk cosplaying tips and tricks. We ate at the food trucks that were outside. He was a quite normal person, and I could tell he was staring at my bosoms, which I had put in an exceptional way underneath a part of the hot cosplay. He complimented my hot cosplay, and how lovely I was. I said thank you, obviously. He revealed to me he was there alone, and on the off chance that I needed to stroll around the tradition as companions. I acknowledged.

I revealed to him that I thought he was hot while we were strolling around the tradition. 1 hour before the opposition, he disclosed to me he needed to return to his auto to charge his camera so he could take photographs the following day. I inquired as to whether he needed me to go with him, and we wound up having hot sex in the back of his car. I cherished it, he adored it. We tidied up (there was semen in my coat that would not turn out :c )I wound up getting second place in the opposition, and he gave me a ‘complimentary’ kiss on the lips. We wound up returning to his lodging room and going together for the following couple of long periods of the occasion.

After the show was finished, we said our farewells.

I’ve been doing crap like this for a long time, tempting different cosplayers then fucking them in my lodging room or theirs. The simple first time I was dressed as a female Spartan from Halo, and I fucked ‘Emile’ (someone else cosplaying in a Halo suit, overlooked his name.) Another time I snared with a young lady about my age cosplaying Chell. It’s nearly been a training for me at traditions, attempting to take somebody back to my room and fuck them. I’ve been to around 10 traditions in the previous couple of years, snared with somebody at 4 of those. I havent told anybody, yet [No Regrets].

(What’s more, no, I for the most part don’t fuck in hot cosplay. With the other individuals we just escaped our suits and got serious. Connor felt weak at the knees over Tracer however, so I did that time.)