Amateur Babes With Glasses 2

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Amateur Babes With Glasses 2

Amateur Babes With Glasses

Laura’s tongue lapped at Emma’s clit in small circles and spinning spirals and her lips sucked delicately thusly, hauling each buzz of pleasure out of the young lady’s tense limbs. Her glasses fogged as the main sounds were the wet swish of Laura’s fingers and mouth, the gasps and gasping of Emma’s scarcely controlled anguish, and the lightest whispering of the books rubbing together on the base of the overwhelming truck. Laura listened eagerly as Emma’s breaths turned out to be increasingly uneven, the gasps more regular, sensing an orgasm rising swiftly in her trembling body. At the point when the gasping suddenly stopped inside and out, Laura looked up at Emma and saw her looking down at her own particular splayed legs, the red skirt riding up well over her hips, with Laura’s brilliant head nestled there between, and the recognizable, dim shelves of the library past. She was holding her breath, spellbound by the fervor of the scene, the mind boggling flood of feeling originating from Laura’s fingers sliding all through her, Laura’s mouth tormenting her, and her own particular fingers where they had sought out her breasts and were presently squeezing and twisting her nipples in a resound of the movements occurring beneath.

As they bolted eyes, Laura stood. Her hand kept on moving, her fingers pushing profound and firm, until the point that she was eye to eye with Emma. She at that point moved her hand up to Emma’s clit and rubbed in fast, punishing circles as she inclined in to suck ravenously on her nipples, her neck. Emma’s pussy juice splashed on her glasses. Emma was on the edge of losing control, her pledge of silence tested almost to breaking—she whispered unobtrusively, again and again into Laura’s ear, a scarcely capable of being heard supplication: “please yes please yes gracious please.” Laura increased the beat of her caresses afresh, finding the recurrence that would at long last overpower Emma completely. Emma’s legs folded over Laura’s waist and their bodies thrust against each other, more tightly, harder. At the vital minute, just as Emma’s pleasure achieved its pinnacle, Laura kissed her, hard, guaranteeing her mouth altogether, feeling the low groan that moved specifically from Emma’s throat to her own particular as Emma’s body jerked and shook.

At the point when Emma rose up out of the daze of her orgasm a long moment later, she stared at Laura and afterward at the shelves around them with a look of wild happiness and increasing bewilderment. “I..” she attempted to speak, revising her skirt, searching for her clothing. “Did we— — did I? Did we truly just…” the words were past her, and all her embarrassment seemed to come rushing in without a moment’s delay. Laura saw this occurring and rushed to save Emma from herself. With delicate hands, she accumulated Emma to her and pulled her to the floor, nesting the young lady’s still-shuddering body between her legs and folding her arms over her. She spoke serenely and softly into Emma’s ear as her breathing came back to something approximating ordinary.

“You did. We did. Also, it was hot, and I need to do it once more. Soon.” Emma’s eyes extended, and she checked out the library once more. Laura snickered. “Not here, Emma. Somewhere with a bed. What’s more, an entryway, with a bolt. What’s more, perhaps a couple of other…amenities.” She whispered that and ran her tongue gently along the edge of Emma’s ear with a fiendish smile that Emma could sense even without swinging to look. “Would you like that? Might you want to play some more with me?”

In response, Emma turned to face Laura, then took Laura’s hand and kissed it, lightly, all over, each finger in turn, and without breaking eye contact, took her long fingers, the very fingers that had so recently reduced Emma to a trembling, transcendent mess, and took them into her mouth, sucking and licking the taste of herself on the other woman’s hand, her eyes never leaving Laura’s. Laura gave a groan as they sat, barely moving, Emma giving a sneak peek of the things her own tongue could do, and it was Emma who raised her finger, and her eyebrows: “Shhh, hush now. Don’t you know this is a library?” They looked at each other, sitting on the floor, their clothes in disarray, their legs intertwined, glasses borken, the scent and heat of their shared arousal still lingering. And just as Emma leaned in towards Laura’s sweetly smiling mouth, the lights clicked off once more.